Friday, August 31, 2007


So the funny thing about blogging is that you actually have to do it and not just think about it! I have this file on my palm with all of these thoughts that I punch out with my thumbs when they come to me, but then I never seem to get those thoughts to the blog! I will do my best to begin posting some of those thoughts.
On another note, our church has a new website that is almost finished. I also recently switched to Mozilla Thunderbird for my email and calendaring (which syncs to Google Calendar): GOODBYE OUTLOOK! I love the program, it uses a lot less memory and is a lot faster...thank you Mozilla.

Things are going well. We leave for LifeLight tomorrow with part of our Student Small group to rock out, it should be fun. I'm hoping that it will be a fun and learning experience (on the music/concert side of things).