Monday, January 28, 2008


Have you ever stopped to think about how disagreements polarize and separate people? Or disagreements in general for that matter. When you take a step back from a discussion and observe it from the outside it's funny to watch: Each person could probably come up with a reason for why they believe what they do, and in theological discussion possibly even provide some "proof texts" that support it. I think it's funny because whenever I'm in a discussion with someone about anything I always think to myself: "they think they're right, and I think I'm of us has to be wrong."

Just my thoughts about differences in opinion and how everyone thinks they're right and have reasons why the other person's view is wrong, but it's not possible for them both to be right...sometimes I think that it's more likely for them both to be wrong! :-) There are core truths that I will stand by and not budge, you can read them in Ephesians 4:1-16...if you look for it you can see some of the elements of the Apostles' Creed.

Now that you've taken the time to leave Sarah's more interesting blog and come over here, I might as well tell you that I finished reading God of the Possible, by Greg Boyd before school started. It was definitely an interesting look at Open Theism (as opposed to Calvinism or Arminianism). After reading it I realized that there were a lot of areas where I had caricatured and pigeon-holed the open view of God without hearing their side from one of their most renowned writers. Once again...they think they're right as do the calvinists and arminians! Chances are we're all wrong, so I'm going to go down in history as an Open Calvinian :-) j/k. It's unfair to say that I want to maintain a "Biblical" theology about this, because each one of those views is attempting to do that too. I DO think that God really is bigger than we can imagine and that as soon as anyone thinks they've got Him completely figured out, they're probably wrong because His ways are HIGHER than ours...He really is beyond our comprehension. C. S. Lewis wondered about the possibility and accuracy with which a creation could describe its created beings we only know what God has made, we can't even comprehend what existing eternally would mean because everything in our experience has had a beginning and an end...because we're created beings...
I wonder why we feel the need to be "right" about everything all the's like it's built into us...could it be an effect of sin on the world? Is it pride? No answers, this time, just questions. I'm gonna go work on my school work :-)

Friday, January 18, 2008


As some of you know I have this crazy idea that I should get a Master's degree in Practical Ministry, with an emphasis in Organizational Leadership...basically a combination of an Organizational Leadership and a Practical Ministry degree. That way I could pursue further education in either field.
Anyway, I spent all of last night setting up my school schedule for the next 4 months and I actually think I can do it :-) I'm doing a full time Graduate load so that I could get a scholarship for this semester and the summer. I'm taking: Graduate Research, Intro to the New Testament, and Management Principles. This will put me up to 28 graduate credits that I've taken, but to finish this degree at this school (Beacon University) I will need about another 18 credits...I guess I'm about half-way there.
So, I counted how many pages I have to read for these classes: over 1850! Anybody want to come over and read me to sleep at night? Anyway, I'll be doing a lot of reading, hopefully I can get faster too.
So, Sarah was giving me a hard time about not posting, it's been because I've been focused on getting stuff out of the way and lined up so that I can use my free time wisely (like with these studies)...if for some reason you don't hear from me or see me as much as before please understand that it's nothing against you...of course if you're involved with VCA or ONE24 you will be seeing me a lot with those projects still.
Well, I'm heading over to Beacon to introduce myself to my fellow students.
See Ya (is chair in Spanish)