Wednesday, February 20, 2008


I've come to the conclusion that cars weren't made for -30* F. My car has been acting funny and it takes forever to warm up and then when it does the windows fog up because the defrost can't keep up :-) It's kind of funny really. Maybe. Anyway, The windchill was down to -60* below last night. Again. IT'S ABOVE FREEZING IN ANCHORAGE ALASKA! And -60* below here, I find that kind of funny. Anyway, that was my blog about how cold it is here: The end.

Monday, February 18, 2008

New Post

Rachel this is for you: Thank you for reading my blog and commenting 3 times in one day! :-) Unfortunately I have no creative things to say, so here is the only other thing I could come up with :-)

Later, I hope y'all get a chuckle and don't ever do any of the things in the video.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

MisSki Trip

This year we're combining fun and serving by adding a missions element to our annual ski trip. We will be skiing and snowboarding, but we will also be fulfilling the Great Commission and Great Commandment by serving at Feed My Starving Children in Eagan, MN. We will be filling portions of food for starving children that will be distributed by relief organizations and missionaries! Talk about being relevant, I bet the church feed the community that is starving physically is pretty relevant...sounds like something Jesus would do. It's a lot easier to hear the message of Christ from people that actually care enough to help you survive!

It's interesting that in Matthew 28:19-20 Jesus tells His followers to what we should be asking God is whether we are the exception and we're called to stay...Just a thought. Another way that can be translated is "as you are going..." which, still puts the responsibility on all of us to live missional lives and not just send money to missionaries...we're all called to live Great Commission lifestyles! How cool is that!?! We get to be part of God's plan for the redemption and restoration of His creation! Now that's a life I want to for the eternal and not the temporary. God help me remember that.

Monday, February 4, 2008


So, if you have to tell people you're relevant do you automatically cease being relevant?
:-) j/k...or am I?
One of my core values is relevance, I think it's very important to be culturally relevant (and relevant in other ways too). It may have something to do with my growing up in another cultural and studying cross-cultural ministry in school. It makes tons of sense to anyone for a missionary to be relevant to the culture they are ministering in, but the same applies to us wherever we are or else our message will not be understood.


So I've been getting more centered lately. Centered, as you most likely know, comes from the latin centro which finds its origins in the greek ausum-fone...

You've gotta love the fact that Sprint finally made it so that you're eligible to receive all of the discounts as a returning customer after 22 months with your old phone...I know I do...And Sarah got my Treo 700p, so now she won't need a pen and paper ever again either!